Change Detection user?

Important information about moving to Visualping

What happened to ChangeDetection?

ChangeDetection has joined Visualping. We are all sharing the same goal, which is to give you the best monitoring tool out there, so it makes sense that we all collaborate together towards this end.

This is exciting and we want you to be part of it. We hope you’ll like it and we will do our best to help the transition.

What is Visualping?

Visualping is the No1 website monitoring service with more than 1 million personal and enterprise users including Google, Apple, Citigroup, PayPal, Ford, US agency governments, Greenpeace etc.

See below some of the new features you will benefit from by moving to Visualping.

How to migrate?

We will be sending invitations to each one of you to migrate your account. Be sure to click the link : this will transfer all your account's links and settings to Visualping.

ChangeDetection‘s service will be shutdown imminently. You will need to migrate to avoid service interruption when receiving the email notification

The system will take you through a tutorial when migrating and will provide as much assistance as possible during the transition. See below for details.

Is Visualping free?

Yes, but up to a certain limit. We give you 65 free checks every month (1 page twice a day, 65 pages per month or anything in between).

On top of this, we are also offering you 1,000 free credits welcome bonus during the first month.

Our paying plans start at $13/month. For the price of a coffee, you help us to provide customer support and continuously improve the service for all of you. Check also our corporate plans for large companies.

Main differences vs ChangeDetection

1. Area selection

We recognize you are not necessarily interested in monitoring the whole page. This is why Visualping allows users to select an area of interest and monitor only this area.

This can be done in two different ways: Visual-compare (compares images) or Web-Compare (compares the underlining code of the website). Both will alert you when things change so the choice is up to you.

2. Email with images

Our users want to know when a change is detected as soon as possible. This is why we send a snapshot of the tracked website in our email alerts.

We also highlight the area that changed and our email alerts contain links directing to the target website.

3. Higher frequency Checks

ChangeDetection was limited to daily checks. In Visualping, users can monitor job up to once every 5 minutes. Most users track websites hourly.

4. Superpose compare

Sometimes changes are so small that it is difficult to spot the difference. This is easy with our default compare tool.

We have provided users the option to see the changes embedded in the website they are tracking.

Last but not least, just as in ChangeDetection, we allow users to detect a change when a keyword of their choice or a combination of keywords are added or removed.

5. False alarms reduction tools

We have developed several tools to reduce false alarms. When there are too many false alarms, we recommend users to: i) Adjust selection ii) Switch to web-compare (works with sliders, ads and moving sections) iii) tick the “double check” feature (it makes a second check to confirm the change), iv) use a proxy server with dynamic IP (it helps prevent being blocked) v) Increase the ”wait time” to allow the page to properly render before taking a snapshot.

6. Magic search bar

Our Dashboard has an intelligent search bar that allows users to filter jobs by page title or URL. This avoids having to nest jobs within folders or losing sight of your jobs. This is particularly handy for those of you who have many jobs.

To help you organize your jobs, you will also notice that Visualping will automatically import the page title that the target website owner gave to the page as well as the favicon. You can of course change this name to one of your choosing when creating a job or at any point in time.

7. Text-compare

All your jobs will be migrate to visual compare by default. For those users that are tracking text or prefer the ChangeDetection alerts, we have brought text-compare from ChangeDetection.

The email alerts will report new text added with a green highlight and text removed with a red highlight. Changes will also be able to be reviewed directly on the page.

There is also the possibility to be alerted if keywords or group of keyboards are added or deleted.

Need more support?

Visualping was developed with ease of use in mind and we are always making changes to make the system intuitive. When you migrate your account, there will be a tutorial that will walk you through the new system.
If none of the resources available online work or if you have any issues, questions or concerns, please email us. We’re here to help! We will respond within 24 hours during San Francisco time 9am-9pm PST. We might be slower to respond during weekends.

Raphael Tissot

Head of Product