Corporate plans

Skip the expense report and join your company’s plan

First, check if your company is enrolled:

If enrolled, automatically activate the desired plan below:

Users registering using their company email address ( can automatically activate an improved version of our free plan (see details on the left) or request to be assigned one of the company's $24-58 plans (details on the right) provided the company is enrolled in our Corporate plan (see below for details if this is not the case).

Free corporate plan

Unlimited corporate free plans available for all your company.

Just create an account using your work email and click “Activate”.


Get x2 as many credits than starter plans. This is 4 checks a day (instead of 2) or 125/mo.

All premium features normally only available to paying plans.

No need to fill in an expense report: these plans are free!

Premium plans

Your company has purchased $24 or $58 plans for a limited number of co-workers.

Just click “Apply” to check if a plan is available for you. Otherwise our account reps will assist you getting it authorized with your purchasing or IT manager.


All those in the left but with up to 10,000+ checks a month.

No need to fill in an expense report: plans are pre-paid!


No Corporate Plan? Contact us!

Are you in charge of procurement or IT at your company? Contact one of our customer reps to find what Corporate Plan is right for you.

We process Purchase Orders, offer Service Level Agreements, tailored contracts and non-disclosure agreements on needs basis.

We also have been certified by investment and portfolio managers and abide to global financial regulations concerning crawling of public websites.

Corporate-wide plans starts at 5 accounts of $24 plans for a total of $120 per month. Corporate plans are paid annually (minimum $1,200) and receive 2 months free.

All Corporate come with unlimited Free Corporate plans which has twice as many checks than the regular free starter plans and all premium features activated.

Marillon Desmarais

Head of Enterprise Accounts

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Automatically allow visitors to be alerted for updates. Think about it as the “new” RSS.

The widget is ideal for companies publishing requests for proposals, government agencies publishing updates to regulations, universities publishing openings for scholarships, tech-companies wanting to keep users informed of changes in their API, e-commerce sites wanting to keep visitors updated of pricing changes and so on.

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