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    The value 'Sift API Development Service Incident Postmortem: Breakdown Root Cause Custom Workflows Match Your Business Fraud, Fight fraud frugally Product News Announcing Sift Science: fight fraud with large-scale machine learning' has been updated to 'Fraud, Introducing Workflow Simulation: Empowering safer, easier growth through advanced data analytics and fraud automation Payment Fraud, Sift expands coverage control across the payments ecosystem Digital Trust & Safety, Introducing Sift’s expanded partner program: Delivering Digital Trust & Safety to more businesses across the globe Getting to value faster with Digital Trust & Safety Data & Insights, Digital Trust & Safety How one trillion events power the Sift global data network.' The relative change is from an incident postmortem and product news related to fraud detection to a broader focus on fraud prevention, payment security, and digital trust, while the absolute change is a shift in content focus from specific incidents to...
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