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How to Monitor LinkedIn Pages?

How to Monitor LinkedIn Pages?

Worried about missing something on LinkedIn? Automate LinkedIn data monitoring and give yourself the peace of mind that no job alerts, company updates, or promotions will slip past you.

Millions of us routinely monitor LinkedIn for changes and updates, and now you can monitor connections and companies automatically and discreetly using Visualping.

You don’t want a connection or company knowing you’re tracking them

To monitor or track updates to a LinkedIn company page or a connection’s profile, you would ordinarily need to follow or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Perhaps you work in sales and you need to know as soon as a prospect is in the market for what you offer.

Maybe you work in recruitment and you need to be alerted the minute someone updates their profile - or you have your eye on a dream candidate and you need to know as soon as they’re looking to change jobs? But they don’t want to share that information with their network? You might miss out them.

By opting to follow someone’s profile or a company page, you tell LinkedIn that you’re interested in that content, and you want it included in your LinkedIn feed.

But simply following a page or person doesn’t mean you will be shown every post and page update that happens.

LinkedIn’s algorithm doesn’t work like that.

LinkedIn is a social media network, and just like any social media algorithm, its feed relies on a variety of factors to decide what posts you see: what type of content resonates with you, how you interact on the platform, what posts are going viral, how post engagement is doing, etc.

Just because you want to see certain updates in your feed, doesn’t mean you will see those updates in your feed.

Visualping notifies you about all changes where LinkedIn analytics tools can’t

If you need regular updates from LinkedIn, you have several options:

You can manually monitor the pages you need to track.

You can use Linkedin page analytics to notify you of a select few updates.

Or, you can use Visualping to keep you notified about all LinkedIn posts, updates and page changes.

With Visualping, you simply decide which areas of the page, or the whole page, you need monitored and Visualping tracks those specific elements of that LinkedIn account for you.

You will be notified of any and all changes, as soon as they happen.

Receive frequent change updates on LinkedIn pages

So, how does Visualping work?

How to monitor changes to a LinkedIn Page: Tutorial

1. Enter the URL of the LinkedIn company page or profile page

The first step is to enter the URL of the LinkedIn page you wish to track into Visualping’s home page. Copy and paste, or manually type the URL and click Go.

LinkedIn doesn’t always like it when automated systems access their content. If you receive an error at this step, contact us to learn more about proxy support, which is available in Visualping for business.

2. Customize your settings

Which part of the page do you want to track?

You have a choice - you can either choose to monitor a specific area of your chosen LinkedIn page by selecting ‘all page’ in the ‘screen’ menu of the ‘Advanced’ section on your dashboard, or manually highlight all of the page.

If you’d rather just monitor a specific area of a LinkedIn page, such as activity, experience, headline etc, then highlight that area of interest. Visualping will only monitor this section for changes and ignore the rest of the page. Meaning you won’t be inundated with a constant stream of irrelevant updates.

3. Choose what monitoring you want Visualping to do

What type of monitoring do you want Visualping to do - visual, text or HTML?

Visual comparison: this is the best type of monitoring for LinkedIn pages because it allows you to monitor the LinkedIn insight tag (AKA the LinkedIn Pixel), and track visual changes with side by side snapshots of the same area.

Text comparison: this is the simplest change detection alert. It tracks all text updates, showing you the changes in context. It can track only keyword changes, i.e. notifying you of any keywords that are added, deleted, or changed.

HTML comparison: you can select an element of the page to be tracked, and our system monitors the HTML code, not the pixels, sending you comparisons of actual content changes, as opposed to just page layout changes.

4. Decide where notifications should be sent

Fill in the box where you want LinkedIn page notifications to be sent to. If this is your first time using Visualping, this action will create an account for you.

You will need to click on the link that is sent to your email address to activate your account and begin monitoring the LinkedIn company page or profile page.

5. Choose how often you need the page tracked

The final step is to decide how often you want the page crawled. You can choose from every 5 minutes up to every week.

Visualping’s crawlers will check the area you want monitored at the frequency you want it monitored, and will notify you, via email, as soon as any changes are detected.

6. How to view changes to the LinkedIn company page or LinkedIn profile

Visualping automatically checks the LinkedIn company page or profile page for changes, and everytime it detects something different, you are notified with a notification email containing two links and a screenshot with the highlighted changes.

The link on the left says ‘Access Site’, this button will take you directly to the LinkedIn page or area of the page you’re tracking,

The link on the right says ‘View Changes’. This button will take you to your Visualping dashboard where you can see a closer look at the changes that have been made.

Benefits of Visualping for monitoring LinkedIn pages

  • Track visual changes to a personal profile or company page including new followers, follower growth, new LinkedIn ads, updates to the company page, or even simply be notified every time they create content.

  • While LinkedIn’s native analytics solution is good for giving you information about important LinkedIn metrics, i.e. engagement metrics, it won’t provide you with the information you require about other profiles. Visualping on the other hand, will notify you immediately of any and all changes to a page.

  • Automatically and discreetly monitor multiple LinkedIn pages, for free, all from your user dashboard. No need to go into private mode to have multiple visits to the same page without raising suspicion.

  • Set up tracking to monitor in bulk. Get automated alerts about new changes to multiple pages across multiple websites, quickly and easily. With side by side comparison, you can easily visualize and process all changes.

  • Receive notifications through your preferred means of communication - get alerts via email, Slack or Teams. Visualping integrates with your workflow, allowing you access to all the data you need, when you need it.


Simply clicking connect or follow on LinkedIn isn’t enough to keep you in the loop of all changes that occur on the pages you’re interested in.

Plus, do you really want the page owner to know you’re tracking them?

With Visualping, you can monitor LinkedIn pages easily and discreetly, plus you’ll receive email alerts about all changes to the page every time there‚Äôs an update.

Want to keep your eye on a social media profile?

Sign up with Visualping to automatically monitor any social media page and get notified of the latest updates.

Want to keep your eye on a social media profile?

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)

Want to keep your eye on a social media profile?

Sign up with Visualping to automatically monitor any social media page and get notified of the latest updates.

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)