Real-time regulatory updates – straight from the source

Get the latest regulatory intelligence with AI web monitoring and alerts.

Identify and act on regulatory changes

Use AI to stay on top of any and all primary web sources.
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"If we had to do it manually, it would take us forever. Visualping allows us to build up our content and add a lot more."
Chelsea Petersen, Director of Operations at InstaTrac

Be the one with the latest information

Equip your team with the regulatory updates you need – regardless of how specific or niche.
Respond faster to changing regulations
Get notified within five minutes of crucial legal and regulatory changes, so you can support your team with the latest information.
Quickly understand legal and regulatory changes
Open your email alert and instantly understand what's changed thanks to a quick AI summary and a highlighted before-and-after comparison.
Provide insights to your team
Keep your team on the same page by automatically sending alerts to anyone, equipping them with continuous updates for a smooth workflow.
More regulatory intelligence, less noise
Save time processing alerts by only getting alerted of what’s important. Monitor for certain keywords, select specific elements and page areas, and adjust the level of change that triggers alerts.
We customize to fit your workflow
Our custom reports and integrations features make it easy to get updates the way you want them. Reach out with what you’re after, and we’ll find a way to help you out.

Regulatory intelligence – set for success

We’re here to help you start monitoring the web for regulatory changes:
Remote hands
Don't want to bother with setting up or configuring your own monitors? Our team will take care of everything - just send us the pages you want to keep an eye on.
Dedicated account manager
You'll be assigned an account manager with experience monitoring for regulatory changes. They'll recommend best practices and help get the most out of your subscription.
1-to-1 training
We'll guide your entire team through our advanced features, so everyone can kick-off their web monitoring quickly.
Quality control
We keep an eye on alert quality and satisfaction across your team. We'll reach out to ensure you're getting maximum value from Visualping all year long.
Start your 14-day free trial, we'll make it a breeze.

Don’t miss a single policy change

Visualping makes it easy to monitor every level of government - and every corner of your regulatory environment.
Legislative activity
Track legislative processes at all levels of government as new laws and regulations are written and approved.
Social media monitoring
Monitor government departments and ministries for their latest guidance, meetings, approvals, penalties, and more.
Court opinions and orders
Monitor courts and tribunals for important updates. Track the latest in administrative orders, debate, and newly published opinions.
Niche news sources
Catch new regulatory updates by monitoring announcements and news releases – regardless of how specific or niche the topic.
SROs and advocacy groups
Stay up to date as special interest groups and professional associations share their opinions, analysis, and initiatives.
Tax codes
Monitor changes to taxation guidelines in every jurisdiction you and your customers do business in.

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Support your team with the latest regulatory and compliance guidance – on autopilot..
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