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Which Pages Should I Check for COVID-19 Vaccine Slots in California?

Which Pages Should I Check for COVID-19 Vaccine Slots in California?
Rummaging through the internet for COVID-19 vaccine slots is particularly tricky when you don’t know which pages to check.
More than 10,000 people, throughout the U.S., use Visualping to be notified of updates to vaccine pages, like nearby open slots and their state’s current priority group.
Use Visualping to monitor these pages and be notified of updates. We refresh the list weekly, so monitor the list, too.

California has administered several million coronavirus vaccine doses. But those eligible have been left to maneuver a slapdash system to attempt to ensure a treasured vaccination slot.

The state and local government have put in place glitch-ridden and unfinished online portals and swamped phone hotlines, responsible for millions of Californians struggling to unlock the riddle of where and how to register for a COVID-19 vaccine slot.

With its decentralized public health system, California depends on its 58 counties’ health departments to administer the vaccine. The result is California’s vaccine rollout consisting of a patchwork of differing systems and requirements.

Los Angeles and Orange counties, for instance, have mass vaccination sites like Dodger Stadium and Disneyland administering shots to those 65 and over. But turn to San Francisco, and it’s mostly using hospital systems to vaccinate patients over 75.

Some counties include first responders, grocery clerks and farm workers in its eligibility criteria, while others are completing inoculating health care workers before expanding to other groups.

With all this variance, it’s likely tricky – even overwhelming – to determine which pages you should be checking for important vaccine updates.

That’s why we pulled thousands of data points from our Visualping database and published them here, in this post, for your reference: a list of the top 15 most popular pages Visualping users in California are monitoring for updates.

The list is to help you and your loved ones find the best pages to check for information, such as open slots in your area and your state and/or county’s eligibility criteria.

Use Visualping to monitor these pages. The list will be updated weekly as new data emerges, so use Visualping to monitor list updates to ensure you are tracking the best, most current pages.

Tutorial: Use Visualping to Be Notified of Vaccine Page Updates

In case you’re not acquainted with our service, Visualping us a free and easy-to-use website monitoring tool that allows users to track changes to web pages, and be notified when page changes occur. Visualping offers subscription upgrades for higher frequency monitoring.


Above is an example of a Visualping monitor being set up for a Santa Clara page on current priority groups in the county.

When the eligibility criteria is updated, Visualping detects the change and sends the user an email alert with a screenshot of all the page changes. Visualping monitors set-up with Visual-compare, the monitoring feature included in these examples, display screenshots with changes highlighted in red, such as in the example of new eligibility criteria below.


Users click the Access Site link at the bottom of the email to navigate straight to the page they’re monitoring to swiftly view updates within the actual page, and/or sign up for vaccination.

California: Top 15 Pages to Check for COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

With more than 10,000 users taking advantage of our service to track thousands of coronavirus pages across the U.S., we decided to pull from our database and put it to good use.

Below is a list of the 15 most popular vaccine pages our California users are monitoring for coronavirus updates. Use Visualping to monitor these pages, as well as the list itself: We update it weekly as new data emerges.

Scroll through the list to find the most applicable page for your needs. To access a page, click on the cell, which will prompt a pop-up. Under Page Link, click the URL below to access the page.

In the pop-up, also notice the Set Up Alert button under Track with Visualping: to monitor a given page’s updates with Visualping, click on the button link. It will take you to the monitor set up page for the given page.

From there, simply select the area you wish to monitor, the email the alerts are to be sent to and the frequency Visualping is to check the page, and you’re all done.

Note: this is not a list of available COVID-19 vaccination slots in California, but of the most popular sites to track for when slots open up in California.

Tracking Pages with Pre-Action Features

For some pages, when you set up your Visualping monitor, you will need to add instructions for the bot monitoring the page to, perhaps, click a button to open a field, fill in a form or type your username/password to access a password-protected page. In this case, when you set-up the monitor, you will need to use the pre-action tools, under Perform Actions, to instruct the bot to do so (Don’t worry, it’s easy).

Below is a screenshot of the Los Angeles County vaccine page, with an example of the settings you need to configure to monitor available vaccination appointments.


The gist: to track a page that requires pre-action features, when you set up your monitor, click the element selector (the white arrow) in the Advanced section and, with it, click the page element, up above in the viewport, you need the bot to click when it goes to check the page for changes – a fill-in form, button, link, etc.

If the bot needs to perform another action after clicking on the page, such as type information into a form, then click + Action and, under Type in the dropdown options, type your login information into the form that reads Words to Type.

Repeat this process until you have instructed the bot to do all the actions it needs to properly access the page to check updates for you. For example, as a last step, you may need to instruct the bot to click a button that reads Submit, or Login, by using the element selector, to finally login to the page.

For a detailed description of monitoring password-protected pages, check out our post How to Monitor Password-Protected Websites Using Visualping.

Want to know when a web page changes?

Visualping is a simple tool that helps over 1 million users effortlessly detect important changes on any web page.

Want to know when a web page changes?

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)

Want to know when a web page changes?

Visualping is a simple tool that helps over 1 million users effortlessly detect important changes on any web page.

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)

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