How to Receive Restock Alerts All in One Place?
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How to Receive Restock Alerts All in One Place?

Looking to receive a restock alert for a sold out product?

Forget signing up for retailers' mailing lists and clogging up your inbox.

Keep things simple, and let Visualping monitor product pages for you, for free.

Why You Need a Restock Alert

Without a restock alert, it’s sad when a product you want goes out of stock.

But that doesn’t mean you have to bookmark the product page, write a note on your hand to recheck it hourly, check it hourly, tell all your friends to check it hourly, lock yourself in a dark room to check it hourly, stop showing up to your job because you’re checking it hourly, get fired from your job, lose all your friends, your dog, your house, etc.

Just set up a restock alert to be notified when the product is back in stock.

There are a couple ways to do this. You can receive restock alerts through repeatedly registering with a retailer’s mailing list every time you come across a sold out product you’re interested in. You likely won’t just be receiving one restock alert, but a plethora of advertisements and their seasonal marketing campaign.

You can also track product availability and receive an in stock alert for specific products you’ve got your eye on. You can do this through the one-stop-shop website monitoring tool, Visualping.

Option 1: Restock Alerts through Retailer Mailing Lists

Many retailers offer an on-site restock alert to notify you when a product is available again. You select the Email Me When Back in Stock button on the product page, and the hand over your email address to the retailer.


But you usually have to accept several pages of the retailer’s terms and conditions: dense blocks of mind-numbing legalese you know you won’t actually read. When you click the I Agree button, you’re usually opting-in to their email advertisments – whether that’s being made clear to you or not. A week passes, and your inbox is cluttered with advertisements you don’t remember agreeing to.

And, later on, if you want a restock alert for a product from another retailer, then that’s signing up for another mailing list, and potentially receiving more irrelevant advertisements that will deter your attention from the one restock alert you were originally after.

Option 2: Receive a Restock Alert from Visualping

Forget the hassle of registering with several mailing lists and clogging up your inbox. Visualping is the world’s top website change detection tool. Visualping automates the process of monitoring web pages, like product pages, and sends you a real-time email alert when there’s a change – like a restock alert when a product is back in stock.

An easy-to-use and free automation service, Visualping sees over 1.5 million users – out of which 85% are Fortune 500 companies.

You can also view all of the product pages you’re monitoring in one place — your Visualping user database, instead of sifting through a dizzying list of email advertisements from retailers' restock alerts.

A restock alert from Visualping includes a screenshot of the web page, with the changes highlighted for your perusal. Changes that were added to the page are highlighted in red, so the user can easily spot the change and act fast.


Visualping checks web pages for changes by taking an initial screenshot of the out of stock product page and then, at the frequency you choose, takes subsequent screenshots at regular intervals, comparing them to the previous to detect changes.

For monitoring a product page, we recommend using the Visual-compare feature. Visual-compare is the monitoring mode that allows Visualping to monitor web page pixels. With it, users can track visual changes and receive a restock alert with a screenshot.

Forget bookmarking the product page to manually scour for the product’s availability, or signing up with mailing lists. Visualping monitors web pages for changes, so you don’t have to.

And setting it up is a breeze.

How to Use Visualping for a Restock Alert

Step 1: To monitor product pages in one place, begin by copying and pasting the first URL of the product page you wish to monitor in our homepage’s search field. You don’t need to first sign up. Click Go.


Step 2: When the page appears in our monitor screen, select the area of you page you wish to track, such as the entire page, or just the area surrounding the out of stock label.

Step 3: Specify how often you would like Visualping to check the page for you - every 5 minutes, 30 minues, hourly, daily, etc.

Step 4: Sit back and let Visualping do the work for you.

The Access Site link at the bottom of the email will take you straight to the product page, where you can promptly make your purchase as soon as the product is restocked. The View Changes link will take you to your user dashboard, where you can view all the product pages you are monitoring - in one place.

Happy monitoring!

Emily Fenton

Emily is an SEO enthusiast and the Marketing Manager at Visualping. She has a degree in English Literature and will have her Master of Management degree complete in Winter 2021.

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