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How to Monitor the Newest Air Jordan Releases - Visualping

How to Monitor the Newest Air Jordan Releases - Visualping

How to Get On-Sale Alerts When the Newest Jordans Drop

Collecting sneakers is more popular than ever, but there are so many choices that it can be hard to keep up.

For avid sneaker enthusiasts, there’s no better prize than a pair of Jordans. Getting your hands on this iconic pair of shoes is something of a rite of passage for sneakerheads. However, with limited runs, supply chain issues bottling things up, and increased demand, it’s nearly impossible to snag a pair when they’re finally listed.

If you want to be notified whenever a new pair of Jordans is posted for sale, you’ll need a service capable of monitoring website listings and sending you a message as soon as possible.

Visualping is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to track websites and detect changes, sending Air Jordan restock alerts only when inventory changes occur. Visualping is the perfect solution for avid Jordan collectors who want to track changes on so that they can make their purchases before anyone else.

Want to get notified when a new Air Jordan sneaker drops?

Sign up with Visualping to monitor any Air Jordan product listing, and get notified when we detect a change.

STEP 1: Enter the URL you want to monitor
STEP 2: Enter your email address

What’s the Newest Model of Jordans?

There are dozens of Jordan models, with more to come. The newest pair of Jordans, as of December 2022, is the Air Jordan 1 Low Wear-Away shoes. They were released in early December and are already difficult to find.

Some other Nike new shoe drops from December 2022 are:

  • Air Jordan 11 “Cherry”
  • Jordan Luka 1
  • Air Jordan 9

Avid collectors will be looking for all of these models, making it difficult to find the ones you want before it’s too late. Because they sell so fast, often as soon as they drop, most users can only get a pair for themselves with the assistance of a shoe bot.

There’s no better solution than Visualping for getting notified as soon as the “Coming Soon” status for your most-watched sneakers is updated to “On Sale.”

What Jordans Are Coming Out in 2023?

While 2022 saw a variety of great drops, 2023 looks to be just as good, if not better. With a wide range of new Jordan shoes set to drop throughout the year, sneakerheads have quite a few chances to snag a pair for themselves.

Some of the most anticipated Jordan drops coming in 2023 include:

  • Air Jordan 9 “Olive Concord”
  • Air Jordan 1 High OG “True Blue”
  • Air Jordan 3 GS “Dunk on Mars”
  • Air Jordan 2 “Lucky Green”
  • Air Jordan 6 “Cool Grey”

The 2023 Jordan lineup will be a solid addition to the brand, but those who want to get in on the action will have to stay on top of changing listings to get their chance to snag a pair.

With Visualping, you’ll be able to keep up with the ever-changing availability of your most-watched sneakers by simply setting up your monitoring.

Is There a Jordan Shoe Shortage?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for consumers to find all sorts of products, and it’s no different for Jordan shoes. Many of the Vietnamese shoe factories that make shoes for the biggest brands had to shut down in 2021 due to outbreaks. This had an impact on big shoe brands, including Adidas, Converse, Nike, and more.

Luckily, the worst of the shortages seem to be over. The situation has largely improved as of late 2022, and users can make purchases again. However, finding the pair you want can still be hit or miss.

Having a tool for sending instant sneaker in-stock alerts when new shoes drop can be a great time saver.

How to Get Instant Alerts When Air Jordan’s Newest Shoes Drop

New Air Jordans can drop at any time. If you want to get your hands on a pair for yourself, you’ll need a website change detection, monitoring, and new stock alert system that works for you.

With Visualping, you can get started immediately monitoring your most watched products, giving you a chance to make your purchase as soon as restocks, sales, or other changes occur.

Visualping can send you a custom notification as soon as the status of your sneakers changes from “Coming Soon” to “On Sale.” With Visualping, you get a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to monitor any webpage or just a small section.

You can even choose how often you want it to check, giving you the perfect solution for getting the newest pair of Jordans as soon as they drop.

Step 1: Copy the Product URL from the Retailer’s Website, Then Paste It into the Search Field on Visualping’s Homepage

To get started with Visualping, you need to find the URL for the product you want to track. Go to the listing, copy the URL from the browser, and go to Visualping’s homepage. There, you can paste the URL to load the product listing into the viewfinder.

Step 2: Select the Part of the Page You Want to Monitor

Now that you have the product listing loaded into Visualping’s monitoring service, you need to select which part of the page you want it to monitor. For tracking the latest Jordans, you’ll want to select the part of the page where it says “Add to Bag” just beneath the size listings.

Now, Visualping can start monitoring the selection for changes, but you’re not quite finished yet.

Select the part of the page to monitor Air Jordan New Shoe Releases.

Step 3: Select How Often You Want Visualping to Check for New Changes

Now that you’ve got Visualping tracking your product, you need to tell it how often to check the page. Depending on your needs, you can choose an interval as often as five minutes, once a week, or once a month.

If you want to get the latest Jordans as soon as they drop, you’ll need to select a higher frequency that can send you a notification as soon as possible.

Step 4: Enter the Email Address Where You Want to Receive Alerts When the Shoes Drop

You’re almost finished setting up Visualping, but you still need to provide an email address where you can receive notifications. You’ll be sent a message to your inbox where you can finish setting up your account.

Step 5: Check Your Email to Finish Setting Up Your New Visualping Account and Start Tracking Those Jordans!

![Configure settings to determine how often to track the page and provide an email address for new Jordan release alerts.](../images/post/post-42/Air Jordan Releases – Screenshot 2 – Visualping.png)

Configure settings to determine how often to track the page and provide an email address for new Jordan release alerts.

Go to your email account, and find the message that Visualping sent to your inbox. There should be a link that takes you to the Visualping website to set up a password. Choose a strong password that you can remember, and once you’re done with that, your account will be activated.

You should now receive a notification whenever there’s a change to your tracked product listing.

Stay on Top of the Latest Jordan Drops with Visualping

Sneakerheads can spend a lot of time trying to get a new product before it sells out. However, with all the sneaker bots and automated services available, it’s nearly impossible to do so on your own.

Visualping gives you an automated, user-friendly tool for tracking all of your favorite sneakers and getting a notification as soon as they drop. Visualping gives you all you need to stay on top of your most-watched products, whether you want to find the best deals or snag a pair before they’re gone.

Millions of individual users trust Visualping to notify them as soon as their most wanted products are updated. If you want the best website change detection and alerts system for your money, there’s no better choice than Visualping.

Don’t miss out on the latest Jordan drops. Try Visualping today absolutely free to see how it can improve your buying experience.

Want to get restock alerts?

Sign up with Visualping to track a product’s availability and get back in stock alerts from any product page.

Want to get restock alerts?

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)

Want to get restock alerts?

Sign up with Visualping to track a product’s availability and get back in stock alerts from any product page.

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)