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What’s Trending on the Internet: April

What’s Trending on the Internet: April

Over 2.3 million individuals utilize Visualping to monitor and handle website changes worldwide.

Every month, Visualping checks millions of followed websites that users have selected the platform to track and process tens of thousands of fresh tracking requests.

Let’s review April’s top five requested new page tracking services thus far and examine why these pages are so closely followed.

1. CoinMarketCap / Binance New Cryptocurrencies

Our #3 trend from the previous report shows that Visualping users appear more interested than ever in following trending new cryptocurrencies across exchanges like Binance and tracking websites like CoinMarketCap.

Whether dogs wearing hats, Costco Hot Dog tokens, green frogs, or other animal memes made into coins, social media accounts focused on cryptocurrency speculation are as active as ever as the ‘stable’ cryptocurrencies in the market continue to make new all-time highs.

You can get notified here to be the first to know about new Binance Cryptocurrency alerts.

Why are users interested in New Cryptocurrency Listings?

As more well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to push all-time highs; alternative tokens and coins may follow suit. Speculators seek new meme coins to find the next coin headed “for the moon.”

2. Violation Tracker – Discover Which Corporations are the Biggest Regulatory Violators and Lawbreakers Throughout the United States

Violation Tracker is a database created by Good Jobs First, a national policy resource center that claims to promote corporate and government accountability in economic development.

This tool tracks the history of corporate misconduct and infractions across various sectors. These include banking, consumer protection, environmental laws, wage and hour regulations, safety, discrimination, price-fixing, etc.

It documents instances where companies have faced legal and financial repercussions, collating data from federal regulatory agencies, parts of the Justice Department, state attorneys general, and other state and local regulatory entities.

Why are users interested in tracking corporate misconduct and infractions?

There are numerous reasons that users might be interested in following a corporate misconduct tracker.

Users may be interested in tracking this site because:

  • They may be investigating or reporting on certain corporate entities
  • They may have financial interests in certain corporate entities named
  • They may have personal interests in certain corporations or maybe following specific cases

3. EURO 2024 Ticketing Page

The Euro 2024 football tournament is one of the most highly anticipated tournaments in some time.

EURO 2024, scheduled for June 14th to July 14th in Germany, is expected to draw large crowds. Fans are eager to witness the continent’s finest football teams, and the sport’s youngest stars meet on the grandest stage.

Whether they’re following their national team or simply soaking in the festivities, securing a seat to watch the matches live is a top priority for supporters.

Although the initial sale of tickets is now fully completed (and sold out), ticket holders can list their seats for resale through the Euro 2024 website until April 15th, 11:00 CEST.

Fans who want to purchase tickets to teams that qualify past the group stages may have to check the Euro 2024 website, or they can set up free alerts to changes to the tickets page for Euro 2024 here.

Why the interest in Euro 2024 tickets?

While the initial sales of tickets were determined through a lottery system (meaning many interested buyers could not buy their dream seats) - the resale system allows holders to now sell to the highest bidder.

4. Valve Refurbished Steam Deck Inventory

The Steam Deck is Valve’s innovative handheld gaming device. It has made waves in the gaming community because it comfortably allows you to play games from your Steam library on the go.

Valve has introduced Certified Refurbished Steam Decks, recognizing the need for a more affordable option.

Valve’s Certified Refurbished Steam Deck program offers a cost-effective way to purchase the popular handheld gaming PC. Buyers can expect the same performance as new units while avoiding the price tag of a brand-new console.

Quality and Performance Standards

The Certified Refurbished Steam Decks undergo an extensive examination, ensuring they match the high standards of brand-new units. It includes a rigorous process involving over 100 tests at Valve’s facilities, covering aspects such as:

  • Controller inputs
  • Audio system functionality
  • Screen performance

Warranty and Support Benefits

Purchasers of the Certified Refurbished Steam Deck receive the reassurance of a one-year warranty. This is equivalent to the warranty offered for new units, guaranteeing coverage for countries with more extensive warranty requirements.

Why are users tracking the inventory of the refurbished Steam Decks?

Getting rave reviews from video game experts, the Steam Deck has been on the wish list of many gamers since its release.

When Valve offered refurbished units directly to consumers alongside their service and warranty offers, it made sense for the more budget-conscious gamer to level up their mobile gaming experience with the Steam Deck.

These refurbished units have been consistently out of stock and will be purchased as soon as inventory becomes available on the Steam site.

Sign up here if you’d like to be alerted when refurbished Steam Decks come in stock.

5. Brevo Pricing Page

Brevo is a multifaceted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It serves as an all-in-one solution for managing customer interactions. Established in 2012, the company has endeavored to streamline customer communication.

They offer a suite of tools for email marketing, automation, CRM, and multi-channel messaging. The platform is designed to foster lasting customer relationships and boost revenue. It integrates over 150 leading digital tools, allowing businesses to grow through more personalized and human connections.

Brevo recently announced a handful of new products in February and March, which has increased eyeballs interested in tracking the platform’s pricing with these new changes.

Why are users tracking Brevo’s pricing page?

The company announced the Brevo Commerce Suite – a solution designed to equip retailers and e-commerce businesses with a unified view of customer interactions.

Brevo claims that through this new offering, it seeks to strengthen its presence in the retail and e-commerce sectors, which make up 30 percent of its client base.

The launch of the e-commerce platform is timely, considering the anticipated growth of the global e-commerce market, which, according to Shopify, is expected to reach a valuation of $8 trillion by 2027.

Want to know when a web page changes?

Visualping is a simple tool that helps over 1 million users effortlessly detect important changes on any web page.

Want to know when a web page changes?

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)

Want to know when a web page changes?

Visualping is a simple tool that helps over 1 million users effortlessly detect important changes on any web page.

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)