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What’s Trending on the Internet: February

What’s Trending on the Internet: February


Over 2.3 million users use Visualping to track and manage updates to websites across the internet. Each month, Visualping conducts tens of millions of ‘checks’ to websites of interest for these users and manages tens of thousands of new requests as well.

Below, the Visualping team has identified 5 of the most popular new page tracking requests for the month of February, along with a breakdown of a summary of the tracked page or topic.

Top New Web Page Tracking Requests February 2024

1. Kirkland Signature 7-piece Players Iron Set, Right Handed


Amateur golfers looking to get into the sport, or maybe looking to improve their first set of irons into the next tier of quality, have narrowed in on the Costco Kirkland Irons Set as a hot commodity throughout the season. These clubs, which are often out of stock, continue to hit the sweet spot between performance and affordability for your average player hitting the links.

Known for their warehouse club business model, Costco’s decision to get into golf equipment offers golfers an accessible option without the big price tag often associated with players' irons.

Costco has leveraged their bulk-buying power to provide this competitively priced iron set, providing recreational players with a great balance between value and performance compared to other brands.

Price and Availability

The Kirkland Signature Players Iron Set is priced at $499, providing a competitive alternative in the golf equipment market. Availability can be limited as these sets have been known to sell out quickly, especially through Costco, where they are released.

If you’re interested in picking up a set of these clubs, you can create your own in-stock alert with Visualping. Players may also find them listed on eBay, potentially at different pricing due to demand.

Why Are Kirkland Irons In Demand?

People love good value – especially loyal Costco consumers. It’s no surprise that the search for +EV extends to the golf course as this set of Irons offers a familiar brand at an affordable price.

There may also be resellers targeting this in-demand product. Recently sold listings on popular third-party websites have seen these irons selling at a 50%+ mark up from their retail price!

2. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER (and RTX 4090)

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER is a powerhouse in the realm of graphics cards, built for the enthusiast gamer and professional content creators who want both high frame rate performance and the best graphics experience possible with games today.

RTX 4080 SUPER Upgrades and Review

Released in January 2024, the RTX 4080 SUPER is a part of NVIDIA’s latest 40-series GPUs, designed to continually improve upon graphical fidelity with NVIDIA cards. The 4080 Super offers an alternative to the already hard to find RTX 4090.

NVIDIA’s latest release leverages the innovative Ada Lovelace architecture, providing a significant boost to activities that require intense graphical power, from gaming at high resolutions to rendering complex 3D scenes. Check out this review from Techtesters to understand why hobbyists are hungry to get their hands on this GPU.

Like these Visualping users you can keep track of when the latest NVIDIA RTX 4080 comes in stock here.

Why the Interest in the RTX 4080 SUPER?

As with many GPUs these days, supply is tight - and of course this GPU is NVDIA’s latest release, causing enthusiasts to take notice.

Although the RTX 4090 may be a more powerful unit, according to reviews, the 4080 SUPER has its place as a comparable alternative, at a (slightly) more affordable price.

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3. Binance New Cryptocurrency Listings

Perhaps due to a resurgence in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices since 2023 lows, or renewed interest on social platforms and the news - internet users were closely watching the Binance New Cryptocurrency Listings page in February.

We’ll refrain from speculating much further; however, the increased trend of tracking and alerts for newly listed coins may indicate increased risk tolerance or interest in speculating on cryptocurrency for the average enthusiast across the web.

If you’d like to be the first in the know for new Binance Cryptocurrency listings, you can get notified here.

Why the Interest in New Binance Cryptocurrency Listings?

As Bitcoin threatens to pass its previous all-time highs, there may be renewed interest from retail or individual investors in the cryptocurrency space.

4. FIFA World Cup 2026 Tickets

With the announcement of the USA/Canada/Mexico 2026 FIFA World Cup came a significant amount of attention from Soccer (…ahem, Football) fanatics looking to get their hands on what might be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to watch the World Cup on North American soil.

Scheduled to take place from June 11 to July 19, 2026, this tournament stands out as the first to be hosted by three different countries: Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The selection of these host nations reflects FIFA’s commitment to broadening the game’s reach and showcasing the sport’s growing presence and interest in North America

Increased Teams & Setting the Stage for the Finals

The FIFA World Cup 2026 promises to offer a vibrant and diverse backdrop for the international football community and marks an expansion to a new 48-team format.

In line with the tournament’s increased scale, 16 cities across North America have been chosen to host the matches. Each country brings its unique flavor to the event, as Canada and the United States see increased growth and improvements to venues through their success in MLS, and Mexico adding its historical weight and rich football tradition to the mix.

The event’s structure will also undergo changes to accommodate the increased number of teams. The tournament is expected to feature a total of 104 matches, providing a wealth of football action for fans around the globe. The final match is set to take place at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, where one nation will ultimately rise to claim the world champion’s title amidst the intense competition.

Ticket Availability and Sale Dates

The sale process will offer multiple phases and incorporate a lottery system to allocate tickets. If you’re interested, you can register here to receive updates on the ticketing process and sale dates.

Ticket Sales Phases:

Phase 1: The initial ticket sales phase is expected to commence shortly after the date when matches and venues are announced. This phase usually involves a period where individuals can register their interest and apply for tickets.

Phase 2: Closer to the tournament, a follow-up sales phase typically occurs where remaining tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lottery Drawings and Purchase Process

Tickets for the World Cup are commonly allocated through lottery drawings to ensure a fair purchasing process. After fans register their interest during the initial phase, the lottery drawing determines who will have the opportunity to purchase tickets.

Successful applicants are then informed and will proceed to the secure purchase via the official FIFA ticketing website. Prior to July 19, 2026, updates on ticketing information and specific sale dates will be communicated directly from FIFA and can be followed through their official communication channels.

Why the interest in the 2026 World Cup Tickets page?

Although tickets won’t be directly available through purchase from the page; fans are likely interested to be among the first to know when new updates are available – giving them the chance to see their favourite players on the largest international sporting stage – the World Cup.

Be the first to know about updates to the FIFA 2026 World Cup tickets page here.

5. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Deluxe & Collectors Edition

Like wearing an old comfortable hoodie, PS5 players were eager to get their hands on the ‘rebirth’ of the classic Playstation RPG.

Pairing up with classic characters like Cloud, Barrett, Tifa, and Red XIII as they chase Sephiroth and try to save the world - players are set to relive and reinterpret the 1997 storyline with new gameplay mechanics, reimagined art and story notes, and possibly the survival (?) of certain key characters…

What’s interesting here - nostalgia and storyline changes aside - was the fervor for the physical copy of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Deluxe edition. With the proclivity towards digital downloads and copies of games these days, physical content can often be seen as niche or as a relic of the past, but Square Enix evidently succeeded in stirring interest for these high priced collectors items.

Exclusives and Bonuses

The Deluxe Edition packs a punch with exclusive in-game items. Players can look forward to the Magic Pot Summoning Materia and an Orchid Bracelet. Inside, players will find a hardcover art book, featuring visuals that dive deep into the game’s aesthetic. The package is also adorned with a sleek steelbook case, safeguarding both the game disc and the art within (and for looking great on your shelf). For audiophiles, the mini soundtrack CD collects the game’s thematic melodies, allowing fans to relive their favorite moments through music.

Retailers and Pre-Orders

Gamers can snag the Deluxe Edition from various retailers, but it’s now out of stock due to tremendous demand. Major vendors like Walmart, Target, Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy are go-to options for tracking any re-stocks.. Moreover, for fans tracking the elusive Collector’s Edition, consider tracking the Square Enix Store, or reseller platforms such as eBay.

Get alerted when the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Deluxe edition is in stock here.

The original Final Fantasy VII was the first introduction to the Japanese Role-Playing Game genre for many gamers back in its original 1997 release. With almost 30 years of cultural significance and nostalgia powering the story of Cloud and friends facing down Sephiroth; a large population of gamers, many of whom likely have significantly more earnings power than they did in 1997, are interested in collecting the limited quantity Deluxe and Collector’s Edition versions of the title.

Notable Mention for February’s Most Tracked Websites:

OpenAI Blog, Pricing and Policy Pages

Not surprising that one of the most talked about companies in the most talked about space (AI) is closely monitored by internet users.

For many software companies, GPT model pricing and tools for other models such as DALL-E are the engines powering many features/functions offered to customers today. Changes in pricing for tokens for OpenAI’s models likely have significant business impacts on the pricing and availability of various software services to consumers.

OpenAI policy changes are as well of interest – as interested followers keep a close eye on any changes to OpenAI policy in order to both report and to analyze the possible implications of change.

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Want to know when a web page changes?

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Want to know when a web page changes?

Visualping is a simple tool that helps over 1 million users effortlessly detect important changes on any web page.

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