One-click monitoring

It’s easier with our Chrome app


Monitor directly from any page.
Then choose Server or Browser

Server checks
(2 daily checks free)

Our servers monitor
the page.

Set it and relax.
We’ve got you

You’ll get alerted by
email and we will
show you the
difference when
things change.

Browser checks
(Free forever)

Your computer
monitors the page.

Use it for the
occasional high
frequency checks
(5s – 5min) and sites
that require login.

there is no email
alert and monitoring
stops when your
computer is off.

Crop the area you’re interested in monitoring

Chrome App Server tab

Click on Updates to view what has changed

Click on Jobs to manage the pages you are watching

Control the settings of each job here

Chrome App Jobs tab

Transfer jobs to and from Visualping to other extensions here

Control the settings of your extension by clicking here

Chrome App Settings tab