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Detect web changes for your latest story with Visualping's free journalist program.
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Get alerted of newsworthy changes

Manually checking your information sources is tedious and far too slow in today's fast-paced information environment. With Visualping you can automatically check web pages and get notified in real-time when there’s a change. Don’t miss any important updates and keep evidence of removed information.
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Starter plan for individual journalists ($120/yr value)*

Powering Pulitzer-winning journalism

"This is a tool I really liked — you can easily customize it to alert you to specific site changes you're interested in... I could then match my evidence to videos that the military had uploaded."
Azmat Khan - How the NYT's Pulitzer-Winning Series Exposed Civilian Deaths in the Air War on ISIS

Investigative journalism made easy

Be a more productive journalist with automatic change alerts. Spend less time checking on updates and more time writing.
Prompt email alerts
When a change to your information sources is detected, we'll send you a screenshot or a text snippet, automatically notifying you that an update happened.
Easily understand what competitors are changing
Our easy-to-use interface and intuitive tools make it easy to track visual changes over time.

Get lifetime access to Visualping for free

In service of our mission to make knowing about important updates easy for everyone, Visualping will provide free lifetime access to a starter plan ($120/year value) for any individual journalist.* Contact us for details.

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Use Visualping for all of your sources

Monitor all of your online information sources with Visualping. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Government websites
Monitor government websites for news releases, updated regulations, and FOI disclosures.
Corporate web pages
Keep an eye on any company's executive team, board members, press coverage, or updates to products and pricing.
Reports and financial documents
Get notified when a new monthly or quarterly report of any kind is issued by a private or public organization.
Social media
Monitor important social media profiles to track changes in followers, posts, bios, and more.
Court decisions
Track case law changes and get notifications of the most recent decisions and resolutions for in and out of court settlements.
News sources
Catch updates by monitoring announcements and news releases – regardless of how specific or niche the topic.

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*Journalists are eligible for a free 'Starter' plan. Applies to individual users not on a Visualping for Business subscription.
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