Know every legal update... before your clients do!

Get government and court updates from primary sources, as they happen, with AI-powered web change alerts.

Real-time legal knowledge from any source

Visualping monitors judicial, legislative, government, and other types of web pages, so you can focus on serving your clients.
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Go beyond your databases – get updates from the source

Use AI to be notified when legal information changes, from anywhere online – no matter how specific, new, or niche.
Respond when the legal landscape changes
Get notified within five minutes of legal and regulatory changes, so you can provide attorneys the latest material, as soon as they need it.
Assess the impact, not the details
Open your alert and understand the update with advanced AI analysis and before-and-after screenshots, drawn directly from source material.
Provide insights to your team
Keep your team on the same page by automatically emailing everyone, or integrating summaries into your team's preferred workflow.
More intelligence, less noise
Cut through the information overload by only getting alerted of what’s important. Monitor for certain keywords, select specific elements and web page areas, and adjust the level of change that triggers alerts.

Personalized support dedicated to your success

If monitoring web pages for legal changes is starting to sound a little technical, rely on our team:
Dedicated account manager
You'll be assigned an account manager with expert advice and personalized support. They'll recommend best practices for monitoring for legal changes.
1-to-1 training
Visualping is intuitive and powerful. We'll guide your entire team through our advanced features, so you can kick-off your monitoring today.
Quality control
We keep an eye on alert quality and satisfaction across your team. We'll reach out to ensure you're getting maximum value from us all year long.
Remote hands
Don't want to bother with setting up or configuring your own monitors? Our team will take care of everything - just send us the pages you want to keep an eye on.
We'll take care of your Visualping account, so you can focus on getting to work. Start your 14-day free trial – we’ll make it a breeze.

Don’t miss a single thing

Track the raw material attorneys need to add value to specific client relationships, or provide timely legal counsel.
Legislative activity
Track legislative processes at all levels of government as new billss are written, debated, and approved.
Court opinions and orders
Monitor courts and tribunals for important updates. Track dockets and the latest cases, administrative orders, debate, and newly published opinions.
Regulatory activity
Monitor government agencies and ministries like the FDA and USPTO for the latest guidance, meetings, approvals, penalties, and more.
Competitive intelligence
Add value to client relationships or your law firm by monitoring the legal, marketing, and business development activities of competitors.
Niche news sources
Keep track of the latest news headlines to stay on top of regulatory updates and important corporate and government activity, regardless of how specific or niche.
Client business development
Keep an eye on client websites for news, team changes, and more. Leverage your intel as you reach out with tailored service offers.
Compliance and copyright issues
Watch any web page to ensure compliance with regulations. Monitor clients, third-party vendors, and resellers for fraud, misrepresentation, or impersonation.
Newly issued patents
Monitor the hundreds of millions of patents issued by legal authorities worldwide to keep track of the patent data you need to more easily create an effective patent portfolio.

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