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    The change on the webpage represents a shift in focus from converting job sites, structures & assets into digital twins for various industries to helping companies automate reality capture using drones, robots, and 360 cameras for AI-powered analysis.
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    18 days ago
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    The value 'English LIVE EVENT Automation meets simplicity: supercharging your workflows with dock automation – Thurs March 28 save your seat' referred to a live event on March 28 focused on workflow automation with dock automation, which has now changed to 'Automation meets simplicity DroneDeploy + DJI Dock2 watch on-demand'. The relative change is from a live event to an on-demand video, and the absolute change is from a scheduled event to an available on-demand video.
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    19 days ago
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    The value of Projects Project members and access 3 Integrations (Procore, Autodesk BIM 360, and Plangrid) 360 Photos & Walkthrough Across Organization Project API Access SSO Drone Operations Management Document Storage Integrations (OneDrive, Egnyte, Dropbox, etc) Esri Integration DroneDeploy providing a comprehensive view of project sites has changed to Teams projects & access per user, including Vegetation Analysis, Radiometric Thermal Analysis across the organization, and 100 view-only subscribers included. The relative change includes a shift towards more user-specific access and analysis features, while the absolute change involves the addition of new functionalities like Vegetation Analysis and Radiometric Thermal Analysis.
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    26 days ago
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