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We track anything, we alert you anywhere. With or without apps.

Business solutions

We offer free bulk upload from a list of sites to track, volume discounts for more than 10,000 checks a month and corporate packages for more than 5 users. Enterprise users also benefit from customer on-boarding, training and support. We also offer access to our public API and custom development work.

Other pro-tools available are Slack, Hipchat, Webhook, RSS and text message notifications, false alarm reduction tools like the double check feature, the ability to track visual or HTML changes, being notified when keywords are added or deleted, superpose and cache (in website context) compare, click before checking, complete fields for password-protected sites and more.

Individual 5+ Users
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Mobile apps

Be alerted anywhere with our mobile apps. Our apps gives you access to some of the most important features of your dashboard such as the ability to review changes on superposed images as well as false alarm management, trigger sensibility and frequency of checks. The apps will also allow you to review basic account settings.

Widget for website owners

Automatically alert visitors when important things change on your site. 95% of past visitors forget to check back for updates or lose interest. Websites with a widget installed keep 50% of their past visitors coming back when updates happen. Think about is as the “new” RSS.

The widget is ideal for companies publishing requests for proposals, government agencies publishing updates to regulations, universities publishing openings for scholarships, tech-companies wanting to keep users informed of changes in their API, e-commerce sites wanting to keep visitors updated of pricing changes and so on.


Browser Extensions

Install the extensions to monitor websites directly from the website itself, without having to copy-paste the URL into our web-based tool. Also install it to use your own computer to check websites. Note that email alerts are not available in this case.

Intelligent alerts

We offer condition-based alerts to automate actions such buying shares, Amazon products when prices drop by 20% or under a certain price, a negative review being posted a specific keyword being present in the area of interest or other conditions. Contact us for more information.
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