Keep everyone informed for free

Install the Visualping widget in your website to keep visitors notified for important changes in your site

Bring users back when your page updates

Increase returning qualified traffic to your page by over 50% when the page is updated.

Replaces RSS feed

Simple as email-based. No need for a reader. No need to feed anything.

Better than newsletters & email blasts

No need to launch a newsletter nor be concerned about spamming visitors.

We take care of privacy regulations for you

We are compliant with GDPR and abide to other data privacy regulations.

See the widget in action

Installed on more than 6,000 websites worldwide

Different from actual site for illustration purposes
Different from actual site for illustration purposes

Installing the Widget

Choose among three widget designs

Widget Design Style

Background Choose your preffered background color for the widget
Font Choose one of the predefined fonts
Button color Paste your preffered hexadecimal color in the input field
Use this tool to copy-paste the Hex Color #

Monitor Settings

Install the code below on your website

JavaScript widget with auto-update

Access to the newest features and updates automatically

Simple HTML code that is hosted on your website.

Full flexibility to modify any part of the code. No automatic code updates

Create a customized link and use it on your website

No need to add any code to website. Lacking UI and visibility of the widget