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How to Create an eBay Price Tracker for Any Product - Visualping

How to Create an eBay Price Tracker for Any Product - Visualping

How to Create an eBay Price Tracker for Any Product

Finding a great deal on an item you’ve been looking for on eBay is fantastic, but listing prices often vary and can easily fluctuate over time, especially on a secondhand, user-selling site like eBay, which can ultimately make it difficult to make your purchase when it’s at its lowest price point.

With that being said, you’ll need a tool built to find you the best prices on eBay product listings. A product price tracker can make a huge difference in your shopping experience. For many users, the fact that eBay products often see price changes is a great feature of the platform, but frequent adjustments to prices can also make it hard to find the right products at the best price when you need them.

With eBay price tracking powered by Visualping, you’ll be guaranteed to get the best deals on all of your most watched products without the hassle of manually checking the site all day long.

Does eBay Have a Price Checker?

Although eBay doesn’t include its own price-checking features, it does have some resources available for users to take advantage of that can improve their shopping experience.

A tool like eBay’s price history, for example, gives potential buyers an idea of what typical or reasonable prices have been in the past for the items they’re looking for, giving buyers some leverage when purchasing an item and making it especially useful when it’s unclear whether a product is priced fairly.

If you want the full control of a third-party service to check eBay listings for price changes and drops, that’s where a service like Visualping comes in.

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STEP 1: Enter the URL you want to monitor
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How to Set Up a Free eBay Price Tracker with Visualping

For many eBay users, an indicator of prices over time is essential for making the best purchasing decisions. Having access to a free, third-party tool that is capable of handling more information than eBay’s price history is essential if you want to get the best deals on your favorite products. With Visualping, you won’t miss a single thing.

Visualping makes it easy to monitor changes on any web page, not just eBay, allowing you to receive an alert when a product is in stock. It works by monitoring parts of some or all of your chosen websites and sending you a notification when changes occur to them.

Visualping is the perfect solution for creating an eBay price tracker, as you’ll know when prices drop right away, giving you a chance to make your purchase before the item sells out. Visualping makes it easy to get set up and receive eBay price change alerts through just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Copy the URL of the Product Page from and Paste It into the Search Field on Visualping’s Homepage

The first thing you’ll want to do to start tracking eBay product listings with Visualping is to go to the item’s listing page and copy its URL. After you’ve got that, go to Visualping’s website and paste the URL into the search field. Click “Go,” and after a few moments, the page should display the viewfinder with your product listing.

Step 2: Choose What Part of the Page You Want Visualping to Check for Changes

After the viewfinder has loaded, you’ll need to decide which part of the page you want Visualping to track. For eBay’s listings, you’ll have to select the price, which is listed next to the “Buy It Now” and “Add To Cart” buttons in the center of the page.

Your selection will tell Visualping which part of the page to track, so you can avoid getting notified about changes that don’t have anything to do with the price of the item. You’ll be able to receive notifications about whichever aspects of the product listing you’re interested in, so make sure to select anything else you want to have tracked here.

How to monitor eBay products for price changes and price drops with Visualping

Step 3: Decide How Often You Want Visualping to Check for Changes

The next step in setting up an eBay price tracker with Visualping is to set an interval that tells the service how often you want it to check the listing for changes. You can set this for as high of a frequency as five minutes or more spread out intervals, depending on your situation, which will ensure you can find the product you’re looking for with minimal effort.

Step 4: Enter the Email Address Where You Want to Receive eBay Price Change Alerts

Before you finish setting up your eBay item price tracker, you’ll need to provide an email address to complete setting up your account. Make sure to provide a valid email address that you have personal access to so you can reliably receive notifications whenever changes occur. Once you’ve submitted your email, you’ll be sent a verification message to complete the final step.

Setting up Visualping to monitor eBay products for price change alerts.

Step 5: Check Your Email to Complete the Signup Process

To finish setting up your Visualping account and start receiving notifications for product changes, open up your email, and you should see a message in your inbox from Visualping requesting that you complete your verification. To do this, simply click on the embedded link in the email to be taken to another page where you’ll enter a valid password and complete your account setup.

With the sign-up process complete, Visualping will begin tracking your chosen product listings and sending you verifications as soon as it detects a change.

Get the Best Deals on eBay with Visualping

If you’re looking for the best deals that eBay has to offer, you’ll quickly find that you need to continuously track your desired product listings for any price changes and renewed availability.

Instead of manually checking sellers’ prices multiple times a day, you could be using Visualping to send you notifications as soon as changes occur. With Visualping, you’ll get a screenshot emailed directly to your inbox showing exactly what’s changed, allowing you to make the best decision about your purchase without any hassle.

Visualping provides an easy-to-use interface that’s not only straightforward but also powerful. You can easily set up product tracking, in-stock alerts, or build custom solutions, all from your personal dashboard.

Our service scales with businesses, as well, so you’ll have access to reliable product monitoring no matter how much growth you’re experiencing. If you need bulk job creation and management, advanced reporting and labeling, and next-generation support alongside the latest application integrations, look no further than Visualping.

Visualping is the number one platform for website detection, change, and monitoring services, designed with feedback-based machine learning. You’ll be able to find the best prices across all of your favorite websites while focusing on what’s more important.

Don’t miss out on the best time-saving service that gives you peace of mind when trying to get the best deals. Try Visualping for free today!

Want to be notified when there’s a price drop?

Sign up with Visualping to monitor any product’s price, and get alerted when there’s a discount.

Want to be notified when there’s a price drop?

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)

Want to be notified when there’s a price drop?

Sign up with Visualping to monitor any product’s price, and get alerted when there’s a discount.

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)