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By Anika Gupta

Updated July 8, 2024

Price Drops vs Poshmark

Poshmark is filled with unique styles and hard-to-find pieces, but acquiring these limited edition items is a challenge. Products fly off the shelves, and prices fluctuate at the blink of an eye.

On Poshmark, where individual sellers control prices, price drops can happen at any time. We get it! You want the best possible deal without spending hours reloading product pages checking for prices.

That’s why we present to you Visualping. Visualping is a tool that tracks changes on a website—whether it’s stock, price, new items, etc.—and notifies users immediately of any detected changes.

How can Visualping help you snag the best deals on Poshmark?

Visualping will track any Poshmark item you're interested in, check for price changes, and alert you instantly of any price drops. It’s truly as easy as that!

Why Do I Need Visualping to Track Price Drops on Poshmark?

With price drops happening anytime, manually checking the website is time-consuming and does not guarantee results.

On the other hand, you could sign up for alerts from Poshmark themselves. However, they only notify users when there is more than a 10% price difference. Additionally, these alerts are often delayed, or companies stagger sending them out on high-demand products to prevent overloading the website.

Hence, Visualping! The easy and reliable tool. With Visualping, you can specify what product you want monitored, how often you would like Visualping to check it, and get notified immediately if any change is noticed.

What's the cherry on top? It’s free!

Want to get alerted when price drops happen on Poshmark?

Sign up with Visualping to monitor any Poshmark product page and get notified when it goes on sale!
STEP 1: Enter the URL you want to monitor
STEP 2: Enter your email address

How to Track Price Drops on Poshmark Items with Visualping

To track the prices of Poshmark items with Visualping, input the URL of the product into the Visualping Homepage. Next, specify the section for monitoring and how often you would like it checked through the frequency setting. Lastly, provide your email address and set up your account to receive alerts when price drops happen.

Poshmark Price Drop Tracking with Visualping.png

Step-by-Step Breakdown of How To Track Poshmark Price Drops

Step 1: Enter the Poshmark Item URL in Visualping’s Homepage Search Field

Suppose you want to get your hands on this Fleece Lululemon Belt Bag but are waiting for the price to drop. Copy the URL of the item from the Poshmark website and head to the Visualping Homepage. Paste the URL into the search field to access the viewfinder.

Step 2: Specify the Price Section of the Page for Monitoring

To track specific changes on the website, click on the “Advanced” dropdown button. Specify the “compare type” you would like Visualping to monitor based on your preference.

  • Visual: For price changes, we typically recommend using the visual option and highlighting the price you would like to monitor as seen in the image above.
  • Text: With text monitoring, you can track specific keywords such as “price drop” or “sale” through the keyword alert option.

Step 3: Set Monitoring Frequency

Under frequency, choose how often you would like Visualping to monitor the webpage for price changes for the Lululemon Belt Bag. You can select a time interval from two minutes to every month - some higher frequency intervals can be unlocked with our affordable subscription plans.

Step 4: Provide Email Address for Alerts

To receive notifications from Visualping regarding price changes for the Belt Bag, provide an email address that you actively check. Once Visualping detects a change, it will immediately send you an email alerting you that a change has happened.

Step 5: Verify your Account

Almost there! Press "Start Free Monitoring" and follow the prompts to set up and verify your account. This way you will be able to access all your tasks on Visualping in one dashboard.

Always Get Alerted When Prices Drop!

Like we said - Visualping is the easy and reliable tool to ensure you can get the best deal possible on those rare products.

Visualping's capabilities don't just stop there! You can also try price monitoring on bigger websites like on Costco, BestBuy and Walmart.

Get real-time price alerts

Sign up with Visualping to monitor any prices online and get notified of price changes.

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