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Graphics Card Restock Tracker - Visualping

Graphics Card Restock Tracker - Visualping

Graphics Card Restock Tracker — How to Get GPU In-Stock Alerts

Rendering graphics on a PC is no easy task, and for the most visually-intensive modern games, gamers need to have the latest GPUs, capable of processing and rendering large tasks in real-time, to properly run the games and get the most out of their experience.

Dedicated gamers looking to build their own rigs have undoubtedly noticed how hard it’s become to find the parts required for a cutting-edge rig. Recent world events have led to worldwide supply-chain shortages, drastically reducing the availability of many computing components, especially microchips and GPUs, and making it next to impossible to find reliable parts at reasonable prices.

All of this has been made worse by the fact that graphics cards are especially vulnerable to price fluctuations. As PC gaming became exponentially more mainstream and popular while people quarantined during the pandemic, manufacturing became bottlenecked for vital components such as semiconductor chips, causing their prices to skyrocket as they became more scarce. Luckily, 2022 has been seen as a sort of respite from these trends, but many are concerned shortages may soon return.

When high-demand PC components are in short supply but such high demand, they sell out in minutes, and that’s no exaggeration. Given that graphics cards are so vulnerable to supply-chain shortages, it’s important to have a GPU price tracker that can send you alerts when such parts and devices are restocked.

If you need to know straight away when a PC component is back in stock, consider using a notification service like Visualping that can let you know as soon as possible when changes occur, giving you a heads-up, so you don’t miss out on the best deals.

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Are GPUs Still Out of Stock in 2023?

The events of 2021 and 2022 made it unmistakably apparent that changes in the supply chain can have a huge impact on the price and availability of a variety of products. PC gamers and enthusiasts alike found out first-hand how easily shortages could impact their ability to purchase rare or high-demand components, especially GPUs.

Thankfully, as of early 2023, many of the most-wanted GPUs have gotten substantial restocks, reversing the supply-chain trends that emerged over recent years.

However, with prices back down in both the firsthand and secondhand markets, consumers are scrambling to buy their long-awaited graphics cards at their lowest prices, so even in 2023,, it can still be hard to find the GPU you want in stock.

Is the GPU Shortage Ending?

With all the hassle surrounding finding GPUs over the past couple of years, most people are wondering if things are actually turning around for good. As early as February 2022, GPU stock had stabilized, with prices largely back to normal levels.

Even though, as of yet, the crisis hasn’t been completely averted, it does seem like the GPU shortage is fading away. Still, getting the best deals on GPUs and other PC components still requires some work in terms of tracking price changes and restocks.

How Do I Track GPU Restocks?

Despite the worst of the GPU shortage looking to be behind us, consumers are still waiting for backorders to be filled, which can happen at any time. Manually checking back on a GPU listing throughout the day is an option, but it’s easy to forget to do so, and this method can be cumbersome when tracking multiple items as well.

As discussed, GPUs sell out immensely quickly, making it important to be notified as soon as possible when GPU restocks occur. With Visualping, you can automatically check for restocks on whatever products you’re interested in — GPUs included — and receive a notification as soon as changes to their availability occur.

Using Visualping is a much better approach that allows you to stay on top of the most popular computing components and accessories, so you don’t miss out on the latest deals, so whether it’s for tracking GPUs for a new computing setup or even functioning as a Steam price tracker for new games, Visualping is the perfect tool.

How to Set Up GPU Restock Alerts with Visualping

Getting the latest GPUs with eBay, Amazon, and Best Buy restock alerts doesn’t have to be a hassle. Visualping’s easy-to-use interface allows you to track multiple web pages at once, providing you with a reliable notification system for tracking information such as prices or quantities.

Visualping allows you to choose which part of the page you want to monitor, and how often as well, making it easy for you to compare listings, detect changes, and receive email or SMS notifications whenever your chosen field is updated.

You can set up GPU restock alerts with Visualping in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Copy the URL of the Product Page, Paste It into the Search Field on Visualping’s Homepage, and Hit Go

To begin tracking graphics cards, chips, or any other computing components, you’ll need to get the URL for the GPU you’re interested in and copy it. Once you’ve done that, go to Visalping’s website and paste the URL into the search field to load the listing into the viewfinder.

Step 2: Select the Part of the Page that You Want Visualping to Monitor

Next, you have to choose what part of the page you want Visualping to monitor for changes. You can select any region on the page, giving you the flexibility to manage alerts for a variety of updates. To track graphics card restocks, you’ll want to select the area of the page that contains any “Out-of-Stock” text, as this will ensure you’re notified when those words change, signaling a restock.

![How to instock alert and monitor GPU restocks using Visualping.](../images/post/post-42/Graphics Card Price Tracker – Screenshot 1 – Visualping.png)

How to instock alert and monitor GPU restocks using Visualping.

Step 3: Decide How Often You Want Visualping to Check the Page for New Changes

Visualping allows you to adjust how long it waits between page checks. You can set the interval to be as often as five minutes or longer, depending on your circumstances. But seeing as GPUs go out of stock so quickly, you should set a lower interval that will give you a higher frequency of notifications as soon as possible.

Step 4: Enter the Email Address Where You Want to Receive GPU Stock Alerts

Before you’re finished, you’ll need to tell Visualping where you want to receive your notifications. Make sure to choose a valid email that you have access to at all times to ensure you’re notified on time. Enter your address into the field, and you’ll be sent a message to your inbox where you can complete the final step.

Configure monitoring settings and provide an email for GPU restock alerts.

Step 5: Check Your Email to Complete the Visualping Signup Process and Start Tracking!

Finally, go to your email account and find the email that was sent to your inbox. It should contain a link that will take you back to the Visualping website to complete the setup process. Create a strong password to activate your account and start tracking your selected item. Now, you’ll be able to track GPUs and other computer components across all of your favorite websites.

Get Notified Whenever GPUs Restock with Visualping

Finding the latest GPUs and computing components can be difficult, even in the best of circumstances. The most popular products are even more challenging to get your hands on, making it necessary to use a third-party tool for tracking products across multiple websites.

Want to get alerts for GPU deals?

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STEP 1: Enter the URL you want to monitor
STEP 2: Enter your email address

If you want back-in-stock alerts sent straight to your inbox, then Visualping is the perfect solution, giving you all of this and more while being easy to use and scalable, thereby eliminating the need for users to manually track and manage products themselves. It’s also perfect for businesses, no matter how much growth they’re seeing.

Visualping provides direct alerts to your inbox for all of our most-watched products, so be the first to know when GPUs are restocked with Visualping!

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Want to get restock alerts?

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Want to get restock alerts?

Sign up with Visualping to track a product’s availability and get back in stock alerts from any product page.

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)