How to Monitor Instagram Anonymously?
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How to Monitor Instagram Anonymously?

Snooping someone’s Instagram requires sending a follow request in order to use the “Turn on Post Notifications” feature. No thank you.

Or, maybe you’re looking to monitor Instagram competitors, which entails repeatedly looking them up and increasing their engagement rates. No thank you x2.

Use Visualping to monitor Instagram pages without following them, and without increasing engagement rates.

When you’re looking to snoop your friends’ or families’ (or, let’s be honest, your ex’s) Instagram pages, you may wish to do so anonymously: without having them accept a follow request, which Instagram requires in order to use their profile’s “Turn on Post Notifications” feature.

Or, when it comes to marketing, you may be looking to advance your business’s social media strategy – especially on Instagram, where 25 million brands are active, and 80% of users follow at least one of them. Brands experience 10x more engagement on Instagram than they do Facebook.

In order for your company to succeed on Instagram, you need to monitor and analyze your competitors’ activity.

By monitoring Instagram competitors comparable in size and resources to your company and whose content is tailored to similar target audiences, you can use their content to gather inspiration for your own company’s content creation ideas.

You can also evaluate their posts to see what kind of content brings the most user engagement – and on which days of the week – and apply those insights to your own company’s Instagram strategy.

There are two ways to snoop new content on Instagram: follow Instagram users using the instagram app, which comes with several deficits we discuss below, or go incognito and use tools like Visualping to automate the process of anonymously monitoring users’ content.

1. Use the Instagram App to Track Users’ Profiles

The most obvious method to monitor your friends’, families’ or Instagram rivals’ content is to follow them on the Instagram app. But, starting June 2016, Instagram algorithms organize the feed according to what it believes you’ll find the most interesting. And so, in order to see someone’s content appear at the top of your feed, you have to manually look up their profiles and regularily engage with their content.

That takes time and energy you could be spending doing other things, like reflecting on how you’ll only stalk your ex’s feed for a short period of time (let’s not make this a habit).

You could avoid the hassle of manually looking up profiles by tapping the “Turn on Post Notifications” feature on their profile, but to do so requires first following them. If they’re your kids, ex or busineness competitor, you may wish to avoid giving up your incognito status and, if they’re your competitor, increasing their number of followers.

Considering the risk of being flagged as a troll, problems compound if you happen to be using your personal account. You could create fake accounts for this reason, but operating several profiles simultaneously can quickly become too cumbersome to manage.

2. Use Visualping to Anonymously Monitor Instagram Users


Visualping is an easy-to-use and free automation tool that can monitor Instagram profiles by sending you automatic email alerts when they post new content.


Visualping is the world’s top website monitoring tool, with over 1.5 million users, who are also in 83% of Fortune 500 companies.

Visualping can be used to monitor all sorts of web page changes, such as detecting back in stock products, newsfeed updates, price changes, new job applications, government laws and regulation updates, website quality assurance and defacement.

When your Instagram users publish new content, Visualping automatically detects their profile’s page change and sends you an email notification.

The email displays an easy-to-read screenshot of all the changes to their profile, highlighted for you to view. Changes that were added to their profile are highlighted in green. Changes that were removed are highlighted in red.


The Access Site link at the bottom of the email alert takes you to your competitors’ Instagram post, where you can view how many likes and comments it has, as well as the date it was posted. The View Changes link takes you to your user dashboard, where you can view all the social media profiles you’re monitoring in one location.

With Visualping monitoring and recording changes to your competitors’ Instagram activity, the time you would have designated for laboriously recording this competitive intelligence data can be allotted for reviewing competitors’ content for valuable insights, such as which kinds of content – and on which days – inspire the most engagement from their users.

By taking advantage of these links, you can analyse which kinds of competitor content summons the most engagement. You can also take note of the dates of their most successful posts, allowing you to determine the best days of the week to publish content for your target audience.

By taking note of what kind of content works best for your competitors, you can assimilate similar techniques into your own instagram marketing.

For monitoring Instagram pages, we recommend you use the Visual-compare feature, as it allows our system to monitor webpage pixels. The email alerts will then display a screenshot of the page changes.

And setting it up is easy.

How to Set Up Visualping to Anonymously Track Instagram

Visualping monitors web page changes by taking an initial screenshot of the page and then, at the frequency you choose, taking subsequent screenshots at regular intervals, comparing them to the previous to detect changes for you.

Step 1: To monitor an instagram page without manually looking them up and/or following them, copy and paste the URL you wish to track into the search field on Visualping’s homepage. You don’t need to first sign up. Click Go.

Step 2: Once the Instagram login page appears in the viewport, identify the frequency you wish Visualping to check the page – every 5 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly or daily, for example.

Step 3: Enter the email address you wish the change alerts to be sent to, as well as your new alert’s name.

Step 4: In the Advanced section, choose which monitoring feature you would like to use (Visual-, Text- or Element-compare).

Step 5: Instagram pages are password-protected, so use the Perform actions feature to instruct the crawlers, when they go to check the page for changes, to first login to your Instagram account, before taking the initial screenshot. Check out our easy step-by-step tutorial of this trick here.

Step 6: Sit back and let Visualping monitor and record changes to your Instagram competitors’


Instagram profiles.

Monitoring new instagram content does not have to entail laboriously looking up profiles, missing new posts, increasing competitors’ engagement rates, nor sending follow requests you’d rather avoid sending.

Visualping streamlines the Instagram checking process, and records the data for you.

Happy Instagram monitoring!

Emily Fenton

Emily is an SEO enthusiast and the Marketing Manager at Visualping. She has a degree in English Literature and will have her Master of Management degree complete in Winter 2021.

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