How to Monitor COVID-19 Vaccine Availability In My Area [Top 200 Pages]
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How to Monitor COVID-19 Vaccine Availability In My Area [Top 200 Pages]

It’s tricky to monitor COVID-19 vaccine availability when you don’t know where to look.

More than 80,000 users, across the U.S., use to be notified of available vaccine slots.

Use Visualping to be notified of available vaccine in your area. We refresh the list as new data emerges, so use Visualping to monitor the list, too.

The U.S. is in the thick of the largest public-health mission ever launched.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines — critical weapons in the nation’s pursuit to stop the spread of COVID-19.

From FDA-approved vaccines, the spotlight has swiveled to how quickly high-risk groups, such as people in long-term care facilities, medical staff, seniors and those with compromised immunity, can register for vaccination.

But how do you know where to look to monitor COVID-19 vaccine availability in your area? How about changes to your state/county’s current eligibility criteria?

Even when you do find vaccine appointments online, slots fill up quickly. Seconds after they open, slots vanish at the speed of light.

With the infinite supply of internet noise and that distant-yet-lurking survival of the fittest sentimentality, it can be tricky to identify the best pages to monitor for COVID-19 vaccine availability in your area, and snag slots before they disappear.

Alas, we’ve pulled thousands of data points from our Visualping database and published them here, in this post, for you and your loved ones' reference: a list of the top 200 most popular pages U.S. Visualping users are monitoring for vaccine updates.

Use Visualping to monitor these pages for you, and be notified the moment vaccine slots become available.

Tutorial: How to Monitor Vaccine In My Area

For those who are not familiar with Visualping, we are a free and easy-to-use website change detection tool that allows users to monitor changes to web pages, and be notified when pages change.

With over 1.5 million users, Visualping is used to monitor pages for a variety of reasons. Users track product availability by receiving in stock alerts when products are available again. It’s also a price tracker that sends users price drop alerts when a specific product goes on sale.

Users keep tabs on social media by monitoring Facebook pages and changes to Instagram profiles. Businesses use Visualping as a tool for competitive monitoring, and to produce competitive intelligence and regulatory compliance by monitoring changes in the regulatory landscape.

Visualping offers subscription upgrades for higher frequency monitoring.

The above clip is an example of how to set up a Visualping monitor (which takes about two minutes). It features a page Riverside County residents can monitor for the vaccine in the Riverside University Health System.

When the page changes (due to, say, appointments becoming available), Visualping detects the change and sends the user an email alert. The email includes a screenshot of all the page changes, highlighted so you can easily spot them.

Monitors set-up with Visual-compare – the monitoring type featured in these examples – display page changes highlighted in red, such as the Open registration slots below.


From the email alert, users click the Access Site link at the bottom of the message to promptly navigate to the web page they’re monitoring. From there, users take advantage of the page’s updates – i.e., swiftly sign up for a vaccine slot before it vanishes.

Best 200 Pages to Monitor Vaccine In My Area

More than 80,000 users, across the U.S., use Visualping to monitor thousands of COVID-19 vaccine pages for updates.

We’ve pulled thousands of data points from our database to publish a list of the most popular pages, organized by state, for you and your loved ones' reference. You can use Visualping to monitor the pages relevant to your state and/or county, and be notified of local COVID-19 vaccine availability.

We refresh the list on a weekly basis, so use Visualping to monitor list updates, too.

The pages are ranked by popularity. Depending on population size and degree of centralization, a few state sections may include pages from another state.

Check out the top 200 most popular pages to monitor local vaccine availability.

Scroll through the list to find your state. To access sorting and filtering options, click view larger version in the bottom right corner. To access a given page, click on the cell. A pop-up will appear. Under Page Link, click the URL below to access the page.

Under Track with Visualping, click the green Set Up Alert button to navigate to the Visualping page where you can set up your monitor for the given page URL. Simply select the area of the page to monitor, the email address you want the alerts to be sent to, the frequency Visualping is to check the page, and you’re good to go.

Note: this is not a list of available COVID-19 vaccination slots, but of the most popular sites to track for when slots become available.

Using Visualping’s Action Features to Monitor Vaccine (i.e., Password-Protected Pages)

For some pages, when you set up your Visualping monitor, you will need to instruct the bot on how to navigate the page. These instructions are necessary when you need the bot to, perhaps, fill in a login form to access a password-protected page, select from a dropdown menu, fill in a form, click a button, etc.

When you set-up your monitor, use the pre-action tools, under Perform Actions, to instruct the bot to navigate the page so it can access the information you want monitored for vaccine availability.

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Below is a screenshot of the Los Angeles County vaccine page, with an example of the settings you need to configure to monitor available vaccination appointments.


The gist: to track a page that requires pre-action features, when you set up your monitor, click Perform Actions, and then select the action you want Visualping to execute from the dropdown menu, like Click, Type or Wait.

If the bot needs to type something, such as your email/username into a form on the page, then type the given information into the Words to Type form.

Next, click the element selector (the white arrow), and use it to click the corresponding web page element, up above in the viewport. This is to instruct the bot to click the appropriate web page form, before it types the information.

If the bot needs to perform another action, such as type your password into a form in order to access a page, then click + Action, and then the desired action from the dropdown menu. Type the information into the Words to Type form, like your password. Use the white element selector to click the corresponding web page element in the viewport.

Repeat this process until you have instructed the bot to do all the actions it needs to properly access the page to check updates for you.

For a more detailed description of monitoring password-protected pages, check out our post How to Fill In Forms Using Pre-Action Features.

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