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Visualping this Month: Introducing Visualping AI: Monitor Web Page Changes More Easily and Efficiently

Visualping this Month: Introducing Visualping AI: Monitor Web Page Changes More Easily and Efficiently

October in a Glance

Happy October!

This month, Visualping launched Visualping AI. A suite of new and exciting AI functionalities, this core product enhancement will help you monitor web pages for changes more easily and efficiently than ever - with Summarizer™, Analyzer™, MindReader™ and Learner™.

Summarizer™ is the first Visualping AI-powered feature to hit beta, which is available to Visualping for Business users. For the time being, Summarizer™ is available for jobs with keyword email alerts. In Q1 of 2024, it will be available in all change alerts, for Business users.

The marketing team is also thrilled to launch an exciting new video advertisement on YouTube – “What’s Your Superpower?”. The video showcases the advantage of knowing exactly when a page has been updated – whether for monitoring your business’s competitors, the latest news, updates to stocks and legal and regulatory changes.

Last but not least, our team has been working hard to reduce internal product errors from 4-5% to 1%! Now, the vast majority of errors that occur with your Visualping job are due to the website you’re tracking, rather than Visualping.

Additionally, if there’s an error with the website you’re tracking, Visualping now notifies you with an alert.

Lastly, to build trust and transparency in our tool, we also now communicate internal errors in the user dashboard and reports.

Summary of Visualping’s New October Features and Releases

  • Visualping AI – which, for now, includes the Summarizer™, in beta, for keyword email alerts,
  • Reduced internal errors, and visibility in the dashboard and reports,
  • Alerts on website-related errors, and
  • A “super” cool new video advertisement.

Introducing Visualping AI

Stay on Top of Web Changes More Easily and Faster Than Ever

This month, we’re revolutionizing web monitoring with cutting-edge AI technology.

Since 2021, Visualping has applied data science and machine learning to improve our change detection algorithm, and make it easier for businesses and consumers to stay on top of important web page changes.

This month marks an important milestone in our commitment to this vision. We’re launching a suite of new AI functionalities – Summarizer™, Analyzer™, MindReader™ and Learner™.

Visualping for Business workspaces. Introducing Visualping AI.

From setting up your new pages, to understanding detected changes, you can do it faster with Visualping AI.

Read the Summary, Skip the Details | Summarizer™

By incorporating Generative AI, Summarizer™ provides concise, human-like summaries of page changes – in the email alerts you receive.

Visualping for Business workspaces. Read the summary, skip the details with Summarizer™.

Instead of merely notifying you when an update has occurred, Summarizer™ provides a clear explanation of what changed, improving your understanding and reducing time spent reviewing the update.

Summarizer™ is the first of our AI features to hit beta, currently available for email alerts with keyword alerts. Summarizer™ is included in Visualping for Business plans.

Understand the Impact, Not the Change | Analyzer™

Analyzer™ will allow you to tell Visualping exactly what you want to track – in your own words. And then, when a change is detected, Analyzer™ will tailor the summaries to your specified needs.

After providing your own custom prompt of what you want monitored on the page, Visualping will interpret and summarize web updates according to your specific needs – making it easier for you to make decisions quickly.

Visualping for Business workspaces. Understand the impact, not the change, with Analyzer™.

Additionally, you will be able to customize the level of summary depth by specifying whether you want in-depth or brief summaries.

Analyzer™ will be available for Business users who have purchased a support package, and will be available in Q1 of 2024.

Set Up in Seconds, Not Minutes | MindReader™

As of now, when Visualping users input a new URL into Visualping, MindReader™ currently harnesses powerful generative AI algorithms to understand the context of the web page, and the users’ intent.

The algorithm will provide the basis of intelligent job setting recommendations, available to all users in Q1 of 2024.

As you set up your new job, MindReader™ will provide intuitive suggestions as to which page areas and web elements you may wish to monitor. Setting up a new job will become easier and more efficient for everybody.

Visualping for Business workspaces. Set up in seconds, not minutes, with MindReader™.

More Signal, Less Noise | Learner™

In one click, you can currently teach Visualping when a change is irrelevant - our user feedback functionality.

With Learner™, Visualping leverages this user feedback to automatically block similar change alerts in the future – for your specific job, and also similar jobs, from other users.

Visualping for Business workspaces. Get more signal, less noise, with Learner™.

With Visualping AI, we’re automatically enhancing the relevancy of change alerts over time, so that you only get the best, most relevant notifications in your inbox.

Visualping AI: Don’t Miss Out on Beta Access!

With the power of Summarizer™, Analyzer™, MindReader™ and Learner™, Business users can set up their pages, and understand the detected changes, faster than ever.

And we’re just getting started!

The AI functionalities are only going to get better in the next several months. Stay tuned for what’s next in Visualping AI.

Reducing Internal Errors, and Increasing Transparency

For the past several months, Visualping has been continuously working to reduce internal product errors, making the site and crawling more reliable for users. We’ve been tackling bugs left and right and, as a result, we have reduced internal errors from 4-5% to less than 1%!

Now, if you receive an error in your job, this is most likely a result of the website, itself, that you’re tracking, rather than Visualping.

Additionally, users want to know when a job fails. For building trust and transparency in our platform, Visualping now shows these internal errors to you in your dashboard and reports.

Similarly, you will now have the option to be notified of job run errors that result from the website you’re tracking. When an issue with the website occurs, you will receive a change alert of the message on the browser.

Examples of the types of errors you can be notified of are below.

  • DNS Error
  • Bad arguments
  • Empty Response
  • Connection Reset
  • Address Unreachable
  • Connection refused
  • SSL Error
  • Forbidden URL
  • Connection Aborted

By providing this transparency, you will now be able to understand why issues with the website you’re tracking are interfering with your web monitoring.

What’s Your Superpower? New Visualping Video Ad

October also saw the launch of an exciting new video advertisement on YouTube – “What’s Your Superpower?”.

The video is the first of its kind at Visualping. It emphasizes the advantage of knowing exactly when a web page has been updated – whether for monitoring your business’s competitors, the latest news, updates to the stock market and changes in regulations.

A culmination of long afternoons in front of a white board, brainstorming creative ideas and how we can convey the value of Visualping, the marketing team is very proud of the video, and we’re very excited to share it with you!

Use Case of the Month

How to Get Notified When a US Election Candidate Changes their Website

Leading up to the United States presidential election on Tuesday, November 5th, 2024, many are keeping a close eye on the candidates – from who’s running in which party, to shifts in their campaign strategy, messaging and stance on controversial issues.

Updates to how a leading candidate strategizes their campaign and positions themselves in the election can alter the dynamics of the race, make you see a candidate differently, or highlight current newsworthy issues in the election.

Visualping for Business workspaces. Monitor US election candidate websites with Visualping.

You can stay on top of the changes in candidates’ campaigns by monitoring updates at the source – the candidates’ official campaign website – with Visualping.

Get notified of changes in their campaign slogan on the homepage, or more subtle changes to their language and word choice on the pages that explain their stances on controversial issues. Language changes, for instance, can tell you a lot about new target audiences they’re trying to appeal to.

For journalists interested in tracking changes like this, we offer a special program – a free Starter Plan ($120/year value), which allows you to track up to 25 unique web pages, and up to every hour. Contact us for more information.

Best Web Scraper Tools You Should Use 2023. In this post, we cover how Visualping is among the leading web scrapers available. Unlike many other scrapers, Visualping lets you crawl any web page on the internet – making it compatible for most use cases. You can also customize your scraping with advanced features – such as crawling a page for certain keywords of interest, to ensure you get the most relevant data.

While Oxylabs, Smartproxy and Diffbot make the list, with Visualping’s ease-of-use and versatility, it tops the list as the best web scraping tool of 2023.

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That’s all for this month, folks!


The Visualping Team

Want to know when a web page changes?

Visualping is a simple tool that helps over 1 million users effortlessly detect important changes on any web page.

Want to know when a web page changes?

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)

Want to know when a web page changes?

Visualping is a simple tool that helps over 1 million users effortlessly detect important changes on any web page.

Start Monitoring Now (It's Free)

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